For me, the best part about being a professional tennis player and being a part of MCC is that I get to meet so many people and make great connections all around the world.

Recently, in the sixth week of a tournament trip, I was fortunate enough to make my way to Singapore for a $15,000 ITF World Tennis Tour tournament. Luckily I remembered that MCC and the Singapore Cricket Club have had an awesome reciprocal membership in place since 1972. Kane Dewhurst made contact on behalf with Martin Goerojo (SCC Head of Sections), and I was able to stay with Soenke Langhoff (SCC Tennis Convenor) and his amazing family in Singapore for the week.

During my time in Singapore I was lucky enough to go to the SCC several times, including too watch both the Men’s and Women’s French Open finals, and meet many of the SCC tennis players.

The event itself turned of okay, and I also managed to win the doubles title at the tournament with Martin, Soenke, Sher Baljit Singh (SCC President) and Gilbert Ng (ITF Supervisor and SCC member), in attendance, making the moment even more special.

It was a great experience and I am certainly grateful to have been able to meet and become friends with such great people and hopefully strengthen the MCC and SCC bond even more.

For now, it is back to training and getting ready for the next tournament swing.

Aaron Addison

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