It was a fantastic afternoon on Sunday the 11th at MCC Glen Iris Valley for the Vida Tennis Hot Shots Tournament and Pre-comp day.

What is that?

Hot Shots tournaments are a great way for kids to start their tournament and competition pathway in a fun relaxed environment. All matches are round robin and have sections based on age groups and level, using Orange or Green tennis balls. Orange ball tournaments use a modified court size and net height, while green ball events use a normal size court. Both singles and doubles matches are played and it is our clubs way of introducing kids to weekend junior competition.

32 kids participated 

There were over 30 kids who participated in the afternoon, all of which have progressed to the hot shots competition stage of their development. Hot Shots tournaments link with the My Vida Journey program for all kids who have lessons at the club. This program helps guide kids through their own tennis pathway and highlights the times when they are ready to play the various levels of tennis competition – click here for more information.

There were some incredible rallies and great sportsmanship shown all day but most importantly all the kids had a great time. There were four different groups, (3 orange balls and 1 green ball) who played singles and doubles matches over a two hour period. Matches are played to time enabling all kids to play as much tennis as possible.

Below is the list of winners and runners-up:

Group 1 – Green Ball:
Winner – Ethan Lin
Runner Up – Angeliki Katis

Group 2 – Orange Ball:
Winner – Kyle Collins
Runner Up – Olivia Huminicki

Group 3 – Orange Ball:
Winner – Vincent Ball
Runner Up – Tanna Sawford

Group 4 – Orange Ball:
Winner – Kento Nguyen
Runners Up – Tyler Murray




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