16 teams are taking to the court which is the most the Glen Iris has had over the recent years. All 16 teams are being extremely competitive heading into the second half of the season. Glen Iris Valley would like to welcome the following players who are playing there first season of comp and are now members of the club: Andreana Gameras, Elena Pamamull, Liam Gregory, Jasmine Gregory, Sarah Favaro, Sarah Witney, Charlotte Hall, Sebastian Johannesen, Michael Ball, Joshua Jansen, Angelique Dayandas, George Tikellis, Lukas Herrera and Tom Wright.

Please click here to view all ladders for the current season.

Just a reminder there are matches this weekend (June 27th and 28th). There will be 2 weeks off after this week and matches will re commence on the weekend of July 18th and 19th.

All playeres/parents will be receiving information about the upcoming summer comp season which will be starting in October. This promises to be a big season at Glen Iris Valley with a record amount of teams predicted.




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