Junior Comp Finals

Congratulations to all 12 of our teams who participated in the semifinals for WDTA Juniors over the weekend. We had a great weekend with 5 of our teams winning through to the Grand Final which will be played this coming Saturday and Sunday.

All match information for the Grand Finals this week will be posted on Wednesday. Best of luck to all teams.

Below are the results from the semi-finals:

Saturday Triples:

  • D Special 2: MCC Glen Iris 5:34 defeated Knox City 1:17
  • C Grade 2: MCC Glen Iris 3:27 lost to Wellington 3:26

Sunday Rubbers:

  • A Grade 1 (Blue): MCC Glen Iris 1:2:21 lost to Springvale Nth 2:4:34
  • A Grade 2 (White): MCC Glen Iris 0:1:25 lost to Glenvale 3:6:44
  • A Grade 2 (Blue): MCC Glen Iris 0:0:17 lost to Nottinghill Pinewood 3:6:36
  • A Reserve 1: MCC Glen Iris 3:6:36 defeated Legend Park 0:0:21

Sunday Triples:

  • C Special 1: MCC Glen Iris 4:26 defeated Nottinghill 2:19
  • C Grade 1 (Black): MCC Glen Iris 4:33 defeated Dingley 2:26
  • C Grade 2 (Blue): MCC Glen Iris 3:22 lost to Burwood 3:28
  • C Grade 3: MCC Glen Iris 0:8 lost to Springvale Nth 6:36
  • D Special 2: MCC Glen Iris 1:17 lost to Whites Lane Mulgrave 5:35
  • D Grade 6 (Black): MCC Glen Iris 3:27 defeated ST. Mary’s East Malvern 3:23

Junior Comp Finals 1


  • Junior Comp Finals 1
  • Junior Comp Finals


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