Vida Tennis strives towards giving your child the greatest learning experience and environment while learning tennis. So when structuring our group and squad sessions we focus on a few points

    • Age
      Keeping the kids in groups that are of the same age helps with the social side of tennis. Meeting other kids who are interested in tennis is all apart of the tennis experience. Also it puts your child in an environment with kids who are of the same or similar developmental stages in their life
    • Ability
      Ensuring your kids are placed in a lesson that has kids of the same or similar level helps the kids to learn the same types of new skills as the whole group, practice easily together and pushes them to improve together too
    • Family
      We strive to work out a time that suits you best, unfortunately sometimes if siblings are of different levels we have them coming at different times. This is to ensure the correct learning environment is found for all of your family, friends and/or relatives
    • Coach/other kids in group
      Your child will build a strong relationship with their coach and other kids in their group. We aim to keep your child with that group and the same coach throughout their tennis journey.
    • Environment
      We try to structure our lessons so that your child is surrounded by kids on other courts that are of the same age and level too. Even though these kids aren’t on the same court it is important we make the kids feel comfortable with their surroundings.

Using the Certificate Program as a tool

  • Once your child is in the program we use our Certificate program to follow his/her progress. If your child is progressing through the program at a different time frame to others in their group this would help us review and make potential changes to your child’s group or squad


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