The 2016 MCC Glen Iris Valley Annual Dinner was held on Saturday the 12th of November at the MCC Committee Room, MCG. The night was hosted by Allan Stone and saw members enjoy a great social evening, three course meal and drinks.

Throughout the night there were several presentations made to members who have excelled in 2016 in Tennis Victoria Pennant and Premier League seasons. 2016 saw the MCC Tennis Section and the Glen Iris Valley Tennis Club submit serperate teams and as such there were awards given from both clubs. We look forward to 2017 when we will be playing under the same umbrella.

The award winners were as follows:-

  • Don Cordner Award (for the best performed pennant player at MCC) – to Zsofia Bende
  • Tennis Victoria’s Junior Female Athlete of the Year – Jaimee Fourlis
  • Tennis Victoria’s 2016 Premier League Ladies Player of the Year – Jessica Brzozowska
  • Tennis Victoria’s Grade 2 Ladies Pennant Player of the Year – Brooke Starling
  • Ian Occleshaw Trophy – Best performing Pennant Team (Glen Iris Valley) – Grade 3 Section 1 – Nat Edwards, Louise Anderson, Hanna Steemson, Monica Nguyen, Jayme Waites and Peneolpe Panogopoulos
  • Liddlelowe Trophy Trophy (for the best performed pennant player at Glen Iris Valley) – Sebastian Teoh

Below are some of the nights images;

mcc-giv-annual-dinner-12 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-11 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-10 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-9 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-8 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-7 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-6 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-5 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-4 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-3 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-2 mcc-giv-annual-dinner-1


  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-1
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-2
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-3
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-4
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-5
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-6
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-7
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-8
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-9
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-10
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-11
  • mcc-giv-annual-dinner-12


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