The most successful season for Glen Iris Valley has come to end. With 17 teams taking to the court (highest amount of teams), 9 teams making the semi finals and 6 teams into the grand finals. This really has been an incredible season. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all players and parents for a wonderful season and we are all looking forward to the upcoming winter season.

The teams listed below all made it through to the finals:

A Reserve 3 Rubbers - Julian Scaturchio, Ben Lillie and Dominic who narrowly lost in the grand final

C Grade 1 Triples - Lachie Murray, Oliver Chen and Winston Zhang who narrowly lost in the grand final

C Special 1 Triples - Felipe Herrera, Joel Burgess Heath, Joshua Wallace and Patrick Pettenon who were premiers after being on top all season.

C Grade 4 (White)  Triples - Matthew Lucarelli, Tom Swift, David Loughnan and Karan Domani who were defeated in the semi final.

C Grade 4 (Blue) Triples - Jessica Vicino, Ella Wallace, Alisia Aloisi, Katia Aloisi and Lorena Leon who were narrowly defeated in the semi final.

C Grade 5 Triples - Anthony Atherinos, Lara Cunningham, Ang Dayandas and Tony Ng who were narrowly defeated in the semi final.

D Grade 5 Triples – George Pletsias, Andreana Gameras, Charlotte Hall and Elena Pamamull who were narrowly defeated in the grand final.

A very Special mention goes to our D Grade 4 Triples Team, Joshua Jansen, Michael Ball, Sebastian Johannesen and Brad Wilcock Stuart and our D Grade 2 Triples team, Aidan Murray, Tom Martin, Marnav Deo and Mitchell Barnett who managed to win back to back premierships. Both teams have had outsanding seasons and a big congratulations goes to them on a remarkable season.

Well done to all players who took part in the Summer season and we all look forward to bigger and better things in the upcoming Winter Season.


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