Our 2014/15 Summer season has been an extremely successful one to date with a solid 8 out of our 15 teams making the Semi Final. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 45 players who took to the court, all parents who were team managers and supervisors and also a big thank you to Blake Robertson who put his hand up to be our Sunday Junior Supervisor for the entire season. I would like to congratulate our B SPECIAL 1 (GREEN) Rubbers team (Daniel Zieba, Harry Hingston & Jason Dong), both our B GRADE 1 Rubbers teams (Nik Dayandas, Joshua Palmer, Gregory Pletsias, Daisy Hingston, Austin Co & Akash Deo), our B GRADE 2 triples team (William Maligin, Jerry Yu, Joseph Teoh & Magdalena), our D SPECIAL 1 Triples team (Joshua Wallace, Andrew Pagliaro, Joel Burgess – Heath & Lachy Murray), or D SPECIAL 4 triples teams (Jessica Vicino, Alisia Aloisi, Ella Wallace, Dominika Tarasova, Lara Cunningham, Anthony Atherinos, Katia Aloisi & Tony Ng) and our D GRADE 6 (BLUE) triples team (Tom Martin, Aidan Murray, Mitchell Barnett and Marnva Deo) on making it through to the semi finals and we wish them all the best of luck. All Glen Iris Valley players have represented the club in a manner which was second to none, showing respect for opposition teams and also showing great encouragement for teammates. With Glen Iris Valley hosting 14 teams on Sunday, it was great see all players taking to the team aspect of tennis which interm created an incredible atmosphere at the club. We look forward to another successful season with our Winter Competition starting in May.

There are several Tournaments/programs running over the next few weeks that all junior comp players will be interested in:

Event 1: Vida Hot Shots Club Challenge: Which club will come up trumps? Glen Iris Valley, Altona, Essendon or Veneto? Orange ball and green ball matches available Click here for more info.

Event 2: Glen Iris Groove Train MJDS Tournament: Test your skills against Victoria’s best players and get ready for the next junior comp season Click here for more info.

Event 3: Glen Iris Junior Club Championships: The weekend before winter comp starts, it will be a great way to refine your skills and take Glen Iris Valley’s best junior comp players Click here for more info

If you would like any further info on the above events please contact Angelo on 0407 477 798 or angelo@vidatennis.com.au.





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