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Welcome to the September edition of the MCC Glen Iris Valley News. In this edition you will find updates and articles on;

  • Update from the Board
  • Upcoming Events/Calendar
  • Competition Tennis
  • Social Tennis
  • Facilities Update
  • Obituary

From the Board

Dear Member,

I trust this Spring edition of the Club newsletter finds you well.

As previously advised, the Club has enthusiastically welcomed the news from the MCC Foundation of its conditional agreement with the Riversdale Golf Club to purchase the leased land on which our Club is situated. That conditional agreement will cement the already excellent relationship we have with the MCC.

The warmer weather we’ve been enjoying comes, somewhat soberly, with the Bureau of Meteorology’s official El Nino Declaration and the likely hot summer that will bring. That will have implications for all of us ensuring that court surfaces are watered before, during, and after play. That will maintain the court surfaces to a high standard for all of us to enjoy, and to protect the considerable investment we’ve made in the courts over the last two months. The Club will support that with the regular use of the sprinkler system.

We’ve come out of the winter season competition and that has been reported on in the newsletter. One of the highlights was to see so many of our competitors wearing the Club shirts-thank you. We’re now preparing for summer competition with our partners, Waverley & District, MEMERLTA, Blackburn & District Night, and Eastern Region Tennis Association. Our best wishes to our members representing our Club this summer. The Club will also be represented in the Premier League (both women’s & men’s) commencing in November and we thank the players for making themselves available and wish them well. We’ll advise members when the Premier League is playing at home so you will have the opportunity to see international standard tennis at the Club.

There are some exciting events coming into the remainder of the year. The legacy GIVRC Centenary Celebrations on Saturday 14 October 2023 (evening function), Sunday 22 October 2023 (afternoon social tennis/bar-b-que), and the Annual Dinner/Presentation
Night on Saturday 9th December 2023 (evening function). We look forward to seeing you there. Click on the link below to read all the Centenary Celebrations information and registration.

Thank you to the Club’s Convenors for their respective contributions keeping us all informed about what is happening around the Club-that is appreciated.

Take care and stay safe.

On behalf of the Directors.

Peter Gillieron

Update from the Secretary

Matters completed by the Board since the last update:

  • Defibrillator training held at the High Street Road Clubrooms;
  • First Aid Kit updated at both premises;
  • Various maintenance items were undertaken at both premises;
  • LED lights were installed to courts 11 and 12.


Matters continued to be worked on by the Board:

  • Improving the branding and signage;
  • Considering issues raised regarding the use and access for the courts;
  • Further maintenance and upkeep for both premises;
  • Arranging the 100th year celebration for the legacy GIVRC;
  • Arranging the annual dinner scheduled for Saturday, 9 December 2023;
  • Arranging membership cards.

Annual General Meeting

The minutes for the Annual General Meeting held in May 2023 together with the process for the next AGM will be sent to Members shortly.

Jordana Dymond

Upcoming Events

Competition Tennis


By David Rowler
Since our last update the Winter season competitions have all been completed. Overall, it was a great season most notably for the introduction of the new club shirts and the return of State Grade Pennant.

Whilst our teams didn’t have the strongest the seasons there were still some outstanding individual performances from players including:

  • Kristen Antonopoulos (Grade 2 – singles 4-3, doubles 3-4)
  • Rosalie Wang (Grade 3 – singles 5-4, doubles 4-8)
  • Arayna Kumer (Grade 3 – singles 4-3, doubles 3-7)
  • Alice Sunnucks (Grade 4 – singles 6-2, doubles 7-0)
  • Elizabeth Filonenko (Grade 4 – singles 4-2, doubles 6-0)
  • Brandon Laubser (State Grade – singles 6-2, doubles 6-2)
  • Sergej Todorovic (Grade 3 – singles 5-2, doubles 3-6)
  • Alex Savelli (Grade 5 – singles 7-2, doubles 3-8)
  • Raphael Savelli (Grade 5 – singles 6-0, doubles 4-2)
  • Max Barry (Grade 5 – singles 7-4, doubles 5-6)
  • Tom Pepper (Grade 5 – singles 6-0, doubles 4-4)
  • Lachlan Carroll (Grade 6 – singles 7-1, doubles 5-4)
  • Rohan Chalisgaonkar (Grade 6 – singles 6-3, doubles 5-5)
  • Simeon Duffin (Grade 6 – singles 4-1, doubles 3-2)
  • Hridaan Jamwal (Grade 6 – singles 6-3, doubles 4-8)
  • Dejan Razumic (Grade 8 – singles 6-2, doubles 3-4)

Congratulations to the teams who progressed to the finals.

Ladies Grade 3 Sec 2 – were defeated by a strong Doveton team after finishing 4 th who went on to win the grade premiership.
Arayna Kumar, Diahna Srikanth (captain), Khushi Talkad, Rosalie Wang and Alexi Dzolis

Men’s State Grade – were defeated by Grace Park Hawthorn after finishing 3rd .
Sam Dowler, Nick Jovanovski, Lewis Miles (captain), Jackson Bruce-Tennant, Brandon Laubser, Michael Turlejski, Zac Hamill, Stephen Kaldawi and Trent Cobb.

Men’s Grade 6 Sec 2 – were defeated by Croydon after finishing 3rd.
Rohan Chalisgaonkar (captain), Will Tripodi, Hridaan Jamwal, Simeon Duffin and Lachlan Carroll.

Of our 4 Waverley teams, our A Res 2 team narrowly missed out on finals finishing in 5th .
Well done to Peter Zelezny, Zsofia Bende and Anthony Hart.

With the weather changing quickly we now look forward to the commencement of the Summer season on Saturday 7 th October.

We have entered ten Waverley Open singles / doubles teams, together with one team in Eastern Region Tennis Association.

This is the most teams we’ve entered for a summer season for several years. It’s great to see some of the younger members progressing into the senior teams. We wish them all the best for a strong season ahead.

Members, please note that due to the number of teams entered, court bookings will be limited on Saturday afternoons. However, generally if you arrive by around 4:30 some teams will have finished and courts may be free.

Another exciting event coming up will be the Tennis Victoria Premier League. Our teams will both attempt to win back-to-back premierships with strong lineups in the mix again. We would love to have more club support this year, given it’s arguably the highest club-based competition in Australia. We will play host to one super round, date TBC.

Scheduled season dates are:

Round 1 – Friday 10 th November
Round 2 – Saturday 11 th November
Round 3 – Sunday 12 th November
Round 4 – Thursday 16 th November
Round 5 – Friday 17 th November
Grand Final – Saturday 18 th November


By Angelo Giampaolo

Winter Season came to an end on Sunday September 3rd and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 70 players who took part in a very successful season for the club. We had 20 teams take to the court, 2 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday.
Grand finals were played on the weekend of September 2nd and 3rd. We had 6 teams represented on Grand Final day, 2 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Below are the results:
  • A1 Challenge Cup – MCC Glen Iris 0-0-10 lost to Eildon Park 3-6-36
  • B Special 1 – MCC Glen Iris 3-6-41 def Whites Lane 0-1-20
  • A Reserve 1 – MCC Glen Iris 3-6-43 def Tally Ho 0-1-28
  • B Grade 1 – MCC Glen Iris 2-5-41 def Glen Waverley (Blue) 1-2-23
  • D Special 5 – MCC Glen Iris 2-27 lost to Noble Community 4-31
  • D Grade 2 – MCC Glen Iris 3-31 def Mayfield Park 3-27
It was a fantastic way to finish the winter season. We look forward to seeing all players back for the summer season startling in October.
Winter Season 2023

Social Tennis

Wednesday and Thursday Night Social Tennis

By Grant Fry

The winter weather is almost finished, both nights have as usual had a slight decrease in numbers with the cold weather but hopefully we will get the numbers up to fill all our court allocations and even increase the number of courts if possible.

We welcome all Club members and prospective members. Anyone wanting to try it out will be welcomed by both Dennis and Grant. Both of us believe the more players the better. Give either of us a ring, text or email and we will introduce you around to all the regulars. We only have two restrictions, first you must be a member or intend to become one. The other is that you have played tennis to a reasonable standard. Having said that we do have a wide scope of abilities playing so most will fit in. Please just contact us and come out and see for yourself.

The format is 3 sets of doubles, usually mixed but depends on who is playing on the night, (Caution we do have some very good ladies playing with us) the aim in selecting teams is to give everyone a good competitive 3 sets. Two things that I really like to hear while playing, laughter and the word “ Juice or Duece” often. Depending on numbers we do have ladies only courts going but that relies on having 4 or 8 ladies and sometimes we ask people to play a set of singles but that is strictly on a voluntary basis.

The cost each night is $5-00 for new balls, starts at 7-30 and we are usually finished by 10-00. There is no restriction to just play one night we have quite a few that play both. Talk to us we will happily answer any questions. 

Wednesday Night Convenor Dennis Rowler,
Ph 0425 226463 email:

Thursday Night Convenor Grant Fry
Ph 0407 247800 email:

Social Tennis

Tuesday Morning Tennis, Very Social

Every Tuesday morning we have a very mixed batch of players come out and play social tennis, doubles at this stage but if anyone wanted to play singles and they can find someone to play against I’m sure I can find a court for you.

At present I have 3 courts booked from 9-30 to 12-00 usually courts 10, 11 & 12 but during school holidays we may move to the top courts due to the VIDA holiday programs.

Just a quick idea of the usual format, we play 4 game sets, one service game per player If we get to 2 games each, we play a tie breaker with each player having 2 serves each if it is still a tie then that’s it a draw. Also we always serve with our backs to the north to avoid the sun. We do often have odd numbers so this format allows us to have 1 0r 2 sitting on the side lines but not for very long. Best way to see how it works is to come out or give me a ring and I will explain it more thoroughly. Similarly to Wednesday and Thursday nights we try to balance teams up but it more difficult because of the wide variation of skill levels. So it would be great yo increase the numbers to at least 12 players to enable a better result of matching numbers. So please if you are interested in having a bit of fun and get some match practice give me a ring and I will put you on my list to text every week we could do with a few beginners and a couple more experienced players.

The cost to members is $0 and any new prospective members, we use second hand balls from last week’s night tennis. Great value to get some tennis practice, get up a bit of a sweat and have a laugh.

Contact Grant Fry : Ph 0407 247800 email:

Mid-Week Ladies Report

By Lyn Carter

Summer 23/24 Season has commenced.

Our Tuesday team is playing in Section 6 of the MEMRLTA Summer season.

We are off to a great start 2 wins, 1 loss (by only by 4 games!)

Currently on a break for the school holidays, but looking forward to a very successful season with lots of fun on and off the court.

 If there are any ladies out there that might be interested in playing competition on a Tuesday morning, please contact the club.  Games commence at 9.30 and usually completed by 1.00 p.m.

Facility Update

By Ross Johnson


Courts 11 & 12 have now been converted from the old metal-halide technology to LED. The club appreciates the support received from Tennis Australia through its National Court Rebate program, which partially funded this upgrade.

This represents the final stage in the club’s court lighting upgrades with all 12 courts now lit using the same high performance LED lamps. In contrast to metal-halide, LED maintains a more stable intensity over its lifetime, which would be observed by members as a more uniform light across each and every court. In 2019, our two larger “show” courts (7 & 8) were upgraded to LED using slighting higher power lamps to ensure these courts are actually brighter (slightly) than the others. This is in contrast to the previous lights where the same power was illuminating a larger area, resulting in dimmer, more patchy light. In addition to the courts, the car park lights have also upgraded to LED (late last year), with an additional light to better illuminate the driveway.

Some benefits of the LED lighting upgrade are…

  • Better playing experience
  • Lower energy usage (around 50%)
  • Significantly reduced maintenance (minimising periods when one or more individual lights are out)
  • Instant on (no time spent waiting for the lights to come to full brightness)
  • No cool down period (lights can be turned back on immediately after being turned off)



The MCC is visiting the Club in the next few weeks to discuss opportunities to add/improve existing signage.

Any member with thoughts/suggestions on this matter are encouraged to contact me at


The club has increased its investment in court maintenance. Over the past couple of months, each court has been re-levelled, with some final work to be completed over coming weeks. Several lines have also been replaced. This is of course in addition to the regular maintenance which occurs every couple of weeks.

As we approach summer, members are reminded to water your court before play and after each set. Unless it has rained recently, the court will most likely require watering. Please consider arriving a little early so as to give your court an extra drenching before play, as it’s not always possible to be as thorough between sets. If by the time you have finished watering the second half of the court, the first half is visibly dry again, you probably haven’t used enough water! You are unlikely to over water the court (although if you do create a puddle, you should wait for it to dry of course). Also, should the wind kick up a dust storm whilst bagging, consider an initial very light water before resuming bagging.

A number of new drag mats (baggers) have been purchased and several old ones retired. Some others have been repaired. Should a broken mat (typically the chain) be found, please remove it from the court area so it can be seen and repaired.

Members are reminded to return the rain rollers to their on-court sheds after use. Please don’t leave them out on the path.

The courts at Roy Street are also receiving some extra attention. In particular, the tendency of water to pool behind the court near the south-west corner. While some initial work has been done on this problem, more work is required.

All members are reminded that your membership grants you access to both the courts in Mount Waverley and Roy Street (St Kilda). Note however that a key must first be obtained in order to access the Roy Street courts.


Our new gardener has commenced work at the club and will be attending each fortnight. Hopefully members will notice the fruits of their labour.


The Club was able to celebrate the opening of the Rotunda that was constructed from the generous bequest of $25,000 from Patricia (Pat) Anderson (Life Member 1997). A plaque recognising Pat’s bequest has been placed insider the Rotunda.

The opening was held in conjunction with the Club’s working bee on 10 September 2023.

The Club had previously written to the Executor of Pat’s Estate  about the Rotunda. The Executor has since advised that they are not aware of any living family.

Thanks to Director Mark Karpinski for his initiative in have the Rotunda painted with the support of Grant Fry and Dennis Rowler.

Thanks to Life Member Angie Arthurs for researching and speaking to Pat’s membership at the opening.

Thanks to  Angie Arthurs, Lyn Carter, Amelia Charlton, Jordana Dymond  Ross Johnson  Mark Karpinski,  Chiro Mukerjea , Hayden Rees, Pam Rowler, Ben Rowler, David Rowler, Dennis Rowler, Geoff Shallue for attending the working bee/rotunda opening.

2023-09-10 - Official Opening


VALE Beverly Rae (nee Mance)

Long-standing Member Colin Grenfell has advised the Club of the passing of his aunt Beverley Rae who passed away peacefully Sep 10 2023 aged 93 years.

In 1948 she was Glen Iris Valley Recreational Club Tennis Championship winner for the 1st  time and in 1971 she was the winner for the 17th time.  An incredible achievement. Bev was No. 1 Player and Captain of State Grade Tennis firstly for Glen Iris Valley Recreation Club then Caulfield Rec Tennis Club for a record 37 years.

She in later years joined the Veteran’s Tennis and won numerous National, World and European titles. She and husband Alan travelled around the world both playing the Veteran’s circuit for approximately 15 years.  Bev was also a State and Australian selector of woman’s tennis and was awarded a Sports Achievement Award signed by the Prime Minister and the Queen.  Beverley is a Life Member of Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club and was a member of Huntingdale Golf Club for 37 years where she once held the position of Lady President.

Beverley was a recipient of Tennis Victoria’s Spirit of Tennis in 1998.

The Club extend its condolences to Colin and other members of Beverley’s family.

Vale Bev Rae - Photo


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