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  • Ted Richards was the founder of ET RICHARDS back in 1928.
  • Ted originally saw the construction of red porous courts take place by a company called HM NETTLEFOLD. He decided that as he owned 5 acres of land in Great Valley Road, Glen iris. He would build a tennis court complex consisting of red porous and true grass courts. There was approx. 17 courts that were constructed on his 5 acres of land. These consisted of 10 Asphalt, 5 red porous and 2 grass.
  • At this point in time there was approx. only 100 tennis courts in the municipality of Boroondara.
  • The original Glen Iris Valley T.C consisted of 11 Tennis courts, croquet courts and bowling greens.
  • Allan Richards, was born in 1928, and commenced work in the family business at the age of 18. I Believe Allan Richards was contacted by Glen Iris Valley and head coach Ian Occleshaw who put a plan in place to maintain the existing surface and make improvements where necessary. This relationship between ET RICHARDS and GIV continued throughout the construction of the fwy (when the club had to close) approx. 1990’s.
  • Many meetings took place between Alan Richards, GIV, Graeme Cumbre Stewart and committee, regarding the drainage layout, construction methods, and court layout. Which was required the build the new complex. ET RICHARDS oversaw this process.
  • ET RICHARDS worked with the club and engineers while the sit cut took place. ET RICHARDS oversaw the correct sub-base preparation and the end result being the finished surface.
  • John Richards (3rd generation) was born in 1958 and commenced working for ET RICHARDS at the age of 18. John holds much valuable information regarding placement of drains and history of this tennis club to this day.
  • ET RICHARDS has maintained these courts for many years and continues to show interest in the surface and maintenance, to ensure these courts are at their best possible standard for many years to come.
  • ET RICHARDS is now a 4-generation business, and are approaching nearly 100 years of active business. ET RICHARDS hopes this relationship continues for many years to come.