Dear Members,

We are pleased to advise that the Victorian Government has announced that Tennis can resume from Wednesday 29th September 2021 subject to some specific conditions. We have just received advice from Tennis Victoria relating to the conditions under which tennis can resume and these are as below:-

  • Group coaching can return with two people plus a coach (for participants and the coach who are not fully vaccinated).
  • Group coaching can return with five people plus a coach (for participants and the coach who are all fully vaccinated). The coach must sight evidence of vaccination for all five people and record this information.
  • Participants younger than 12 years of age are treated as a fully vaccinated person.
  • As per the COVID-19 Vaccinated Activities Directions, there is a requirement of coaches or coaching business operators to collect, record, hold and sight vaccination information.
  • As per the Stay at Home Directions recreational tennis (Book a court / casual court hire);
    • Singles play can return for two people for participants who are not fully vaccinated.
    • Doubles play can return for four people from no more than two households for fully vaccinated participants. Participants must carry proof of vaccination and may be required to show this to an authorised officer at any time.
  • As per the COVID-19 Vaccinated Activities Directions, in the instance where a person that has obtained certification from a medical practitioner that the person is unable, due to a medical contraindication, to receive a dose, or a further dose, of a COVID-19 vaccine; they are classified as an excepted person and are classified as fully vaccinated for the categories outlined above.
  • Players must reside within 15km of the tennis facility that they are playing at and exercise activity can be for up to four hours.
  • Face coverings are to be worn except if a medical exception applies. They can be removed when participating.
  • Competition is not permitted.
  • All tennis venues must have Service Victoria QR code check-in signage clearly displayed in a prominent location and all venue attendees must check in.
  • Indoor facilities, including toilets, must remain closed.
  • In accordance with the current curfew, our club will close at 8.30pm each night. If and when the curfew conditions are altered we will then accordingly advise.

Please note that there are severe penalties that will be levied if there is any breach of the above- mentioned directions. Please ensure adherence to the relevant regulations/restrictions at all times, as any penalty levied as a result of any breach will be the responsibility of the individual/s concerned.

We ask that all members please book their court before arriving at the venue.

We thank all our members in advance for their compliance to the latest regulations re the resumption of playing tennis in the community and reiterate that compliance with this will enable us to continue playing the sport that we all love.



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