It’s been a very busy start to the Vic Pennant Season, with 12 of our teams, 7 women and 5 men team taking to the court. Unfortunately missing 3 matches due to covid, also can throw washouts in there, the season has been very interrupted. Round 12 is due to be played this Saturday, which means there are hopefully 3 matches remaining plus finals.

Below is a Summary of where our teams currently sit on the ladder:


Grade 1 (Team no.1) – 5th on ladder, 79pts.

Grade 1 (Team no.2) – 11th on the ladder, 64pts.

Grade 2 Sect 1 (Team no.2) – 6th on the ladder, 68pts.

Grade 2 Sect 2 (Team no.1) – 4th on the ladder, 82pts.

Grade 2 Sect 2 (Team no.3) – 7th on the ladder, 53pts.

Grade 3 Sect 2 – 8th on the ladder, 62pts.

Grade 4 Sect 2 – 7th on the ladder, 62pts.


Grade 2 Sect 4 – 4th on the ladder, 78.5pts

Grade 3 Sect 3 – 6th on the ladder, 73.5pts

Grade 4 Sect 3 – 2nd on the ladder, 90 pts.

Grade 6 Sect 3 – 8th on the lader, 50pts.

Grade 7 Sect 2 – 6th on the ladder, 72pts.


Best of luck to all teams and we hope to see a few teams in the finals!!!


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