Sunday mornings have been a very busy time for junior competition, with all our 21 junior teams representing the club in the current WDTA Winter Comp Season. Unfortunately due to covid, 3 matches have been cancelled, including last weeks round 10 match. There are 4 rounds remaining for the season, the hope is that all teams will be able to complete these matches and head into the finals. Currently, we have over half our teams in the top 4 looking to compete in the finals starting the weekend of Sunday, August 29th.

Would also like to congratulate all our new members and players for this current season. Well done to: Cody Wang, Imani Klair, Carah Klair, James Rentoulis, Lucas Turski, Eric Chen, Arjun Srinivasan, Kiah Chan, Iris Liang Marcus O’Reilly, Seran Rajanratnam, Aaron Sharma, Riya Sharma, Rosalie Wang, Diahna Srikanth, Seyon Rajanratnam, Charlie Broadbent, Jonathan Hudaja, Gspard Lemaitre, Hridaan Jamwal and Jery Shen.

Below is a summary of all our teams that are competing in the current season:


A Grade 1 – 2nd on the ladder, 159%

A Reserve 1 – 5th on the ladder, 81%

B Special 1 (Red) – 4th on the ladder, 103%

B Special 1 (White) – 7th on the ladder, 78%

B Special 2 (Black) – 4th on the ladder, 119%

B Special 2 (Red) – 7th on the ladder, 82%

B Special 2 (White) – 8th on the ladder, 63%

B Grade 2 – 4th on the ladder, 104%

B Grade 3 – 4th on the ladder, 106%


C Special 1 – 8th on the ladder, 58%

C Grade 1 – 8th on the ladder, 57%

C Grade 2 – 7th on the ladder, 67%

C Grade 3 – 6th on the ladder, 79%

D Special 1 – 3rd on the ladder, 109%

D Special 2 – 7th on the ladder, 69%

D Special 3 – 1st on the ladder, 272%

D Grade 1 – 6th on the ladder, 67%

D Grade 2 – 2nd on the ladder, 145%

D Grade 5 – 4th on the ladder, 103%

D Grade 6 – 1st on the ladder, 233%

D Grade 7 – 1st on the ladder, 250%

Looking forward to seeing all the players on the court again very soon!!


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