downloadThe Summer 2018/19 WDTA junior competition season is nearly halfway through the home & away fixture, with all 29 of our Junior teams are performing extremely well. MCC Glen Iris Valley currently sits 9th overall for The Club Premier Award which is given to the best performing club in the summer. We currently have an average ladder position of 3.9 which is a great effort considering the number of teams we have.

We have 11 rubbers team and 18 triples teams which are representing the club in weekly WDTA competition. We have 2 teams who are playing their first season of competition, these are:

  • D Grade 3: Jacky Ke, Tomas Jacob, Bill Chen and Justin Zheng
  • D Grade 7: Benji Trcek, Nicholas Kyriakolis, Jasmine Appleford, Caelan Appleford and Kahleb Ng

Both our new teams are currently sitting in the top of their sections and are traveling along very nicely. As a club, we have won the lowest grade of WDTA for the last 4 seasons. We always ensure that our players are completely ready to start playing competition and the current D grade teams are certainly proving that.

Overall, we currently have 19 of our teams sitting in the top 4 which is a great effort. The last round of 2018 before the Xmas break will be on Sunday, December 16th with the season recommencing on the weekend of Saturday, Feb 2nd.

We will be having a Christmas BBQ at the club on Sunday the 16th of December (more details to come).

All ladders and results can be accessed by clicking on the link below

Best of luck to all our teams for the remainder of the season.

Angelo Giampaolo
Junior Team Manager
MCC Glen Iris Valley

MCC Glen iris JC Alice


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